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Wedding Anniversary Tradition PART SEVEN is a go!

Back in 2007, I got married at the Disney’s Vero Beach resort to my best friend.  In striving to keep our lives less than normal, we established a tradition that, no matter what, we’d celebrate our anniversary together by going to a city we had never been to before together.  The qualifier?

The city needs to have a Hard Rock Cafe.

This is due to a collection we started before getting married.  (For those that don’t know, Shannon and I met in 1999.)  I would buy Shannon a Hard Rock Cafe teddy bear at each location we’d visit.  To date, there is a bookshelf in our bedroom with bears from 31 different cities.


Here’s a recap of the Anniversary Adventures so far.

2008, Year One: Key West, FL

I had been before, but Shannon had not.  By coincidence, our trip started on the last week of Fantasy Fest.  Who knew?  Photos:

2009, Year Two: Baltimore, MD

We cheated a little with this one.  While we did spend a day in Baltimore enjoying the bay and some yummy crab cakes, we spent a bulk of the time in Washington, DC.  Photos:

2010, Year Three: The Grand Canyon

This year was an exception to the rule, but we couldn’t pass up the chance to go to the Grand Canyon.  (Our anniversary overlapped a business trip for Wasabi Anime to Las Vegas – which we had been to together in 2007.)  Photos:

2011, Year Four: The Bahamas (Nassau)

Our first “lazy” year of trips, Shannon and I took a cruise together and visited the Bahamas.  Photos:

2012, Year Five: Cozumel, Mexico

We had been to Cancun before, but never Cozumel.  The highlight of the trip, though, was spending time in Belize.  Photos:

2013, Year Six: Aruba

Whenever I say “Aruba” – or even think it – I start singing that Beach Boys song in my head.  This was another cruise (our 3rd for an anniversary) and it was a great time.  Here’s the photos:

2014, Year Seven…

Since Shannon and I met working at Universal Studios in Orlando, we would regularly talk about visiting other theme parks in the world.  To date, we’ve compiled a pretty extensive list.  The one Shannon would bring up the most, though,  is Dollywood in Tennessee.


The theme park is in Pigeon Forge, TN at the edge of the Smoky Mountains… AND THERE IS A HARD ROCK CAFE THERE.

(It’s the little things in life.)

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