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russbus: How @MarriottIntl ruined Dragon*Con 2012.

You know, I deal with service issues all the time.  The first thing I noticed in this one is that the Marriott allegedly charged a deposit on a credit card.  If that’s the case, then I suspect that constitutes (at minimum) a verbal contract of some sort.

(READ: I am not an attorney.)

I think that a couple of carefully placed calls to Marriott’s corporate offices coupled with presenting the info to a couple of news sources (Atlanta Journal/Constitution, online “geek” sites, and maybe even the D*Con LiveJournal) might create just enough push to grant a correction of (at the least) a compensation for the mistake.

Either way, I’ve tagged their Twitter name in the subject now.  In the past, Marriott International has been really good at following up issues for me.  Hopefully they see this.


For the past few years, my good friend Scott has taken care of booking our (300 DC’s) hotel rooms for Dragon*Con. He’s done this while on active duty with the United States Army and he’s always come through. This year was no different, except in that Marriott lost our reservation, took zero…

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