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In case you didn’t know, I collect Optimus Prime figures.

A friend of mine on Facebook recently took a photo and posted it with the title “geek decorating is therapy.”  It featured a lot of his toys (something many of us adults still collect/play with) and I realized that I have never really posted the collection in my home office.  You see, since I was a kid, I really got into the Transformers.  Hundreds of geeks have seen me speak at anime and comic conventions with my pal Joey Snackpants about the topic at our panel DARE! The Transformers Panel Ultimate.

Today, though, I decided to Instagram the shelves in my office for no reason.  So here, Internet, is my current collection of Optimus Prime stuff.  Enjoy.


Three of these are Japanese imports (and are pretty hard to find). One is a REALLY COOL third party piece that turns Optimus into a train.


I *try* to clump certain Primes together. This shelf contains Optimus from Bayformers.


That masterpiece Prime is the Japanese version. It is made of HEAVY METAL (unlike the American version that used a lot of plastic). It doubles as a defensive weapon during break-ins.


It took almost a full day to build the Kre-o Optimus Prime… SO MANY PIECES.


The tall one in the back is one of the worst designed Prime toys ever. It’s a nightmare to keep him standing sometimes.


Yes – the Optimus Prime to the far right turns into a Nike running shoe. No – I’m not kidding.


The odd (and rare) Pepsi Convoy. Below him is an original, in the box, Optimus Prime from 1984.


First edition Prime Prime and Chinese Optimus Prime goodness.


I really have no clever description for this except “Look! Optimus Prime!”


Christmas gift. You can find this bad boy at Universal Studios. CUDDLY OPTIMUS PRIME.


The small truck in the front was one I picked up at Toys R Us… in Japan. That is a 9.4 graded Transformers issue #1 behind them.


Limited edition Transformers Oakleys and, yes, that is a Mickey Mouse Optimus Prime. It’s official and licensed and from Japan.


Optimus Prime watch? YOU BETCHA!


The Transformers: Car Robot (Robots in Disguise in America) prime in the back is probably one of the best versions they ever made. In this photo, he is merged with Ultra Magnus to make up a super armored Prime.


Optimus Prime with wings = AWESOME.

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